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29 Apr '16

Bridal Veil Guide - Tutorial

Posted by Rebecca Rode

You've finally found the dress of your dreams...now what about the finishing touch---your veil? When all eyes are on you, you'll want to look beautiful from head to toe. After your wedding gown, a veil is one of the most defining aspects of your bridal appearance. 

Decisions, decisions...there are so many wedding veil styles to choose from! How can you tell which kind of veil is right for you? In this wedding veil tutorial, you’ll find tips on how to choose a bridal veil. First, decide if you want to wear the wedding veil with a tiara, headpiece or by itself. Look for bridal veil pictures in magazines and on our website to get an idea of the veil and headpiece style that you like .Also, think about ideas on how you would like to wear your wedding hairstyle...

  • In a formal structured updo
  • In a casual loose updo
  • down and loose
  • a simple wedding hair style
  • half up-half-down wedding hair style
  • or maybe you want to wear a wedding hair accessory such as a flower (a nice touch for a tropical beach wedding) or a rhinestone hair pin  

Here we have veil placement on different hairstyles....

 below an updo style

 above an updo

 high placement on a half up/half down hairstyle

Next, think about what look you are aiming for. There are a few things to consider:

  • The silhouette you want
  • If you want the back of your gown to show or not
  • If you want a blusher to wear over your face as you walk down the aisle
  • If you want a sleek simple look, or an understated look, dramatic look, etc.
  • How many tiers (also called layers) you want

A general guide to keep in mind is that if you have an elaborate gown, a simple veil would be a better pick as it wouldn’t "compete" with the gown.

Conversely, if you have a simple gown, you can go with a more elaborate veil with special trims such as rhinestones, beads, pearls, etc. A short gown looks fabulous with a long veil! Wedding Gowns with an elaborate back that you want to showcase are better matched with sheer veils, such as a 72" wide veil. This is so the veil won’t obscure the back of the dress.

Here is a wedding veil blusher example. The top layer of a two-tier wedding veil is pulled over the bride’s face.

Blushers range in length from 25" to 36"

The blusher veil can be on a separate comb if desired as it provides the flexibility to wear it on a different part of the head. For example, if the primary veil is worn in the back of the head under an updo, the blusher veil can be worn on the top of the head, and removed for photos if desired. We can also special order a blusher attached with velcro to any of the veils that we offer. Please just contact us for a quote. Blusher additions are inexpensive. 

Some 2-tier veils can also be worn with the top layer as a blusher; just flip the shorter veil over your face.

Popular veil styles for brides & Wedding Veil Style Guide

SHOULDER LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: Usually comes in 18" to 27" lengths, with the most common length of 20".

ELBOW LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: Usually ranges from 25" to 36", with 25" being the most common length.

WAIST LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: Usually 30" is the most common length.

FINGERTIP LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: This style of veil typically ranges from 36" to 50". Depending on your height, build, etc. the length will vary. This veil should just meet your fingertips. Measure from where you are going to wear the veil on your head to your fingertips to get an idea of the bridal veil length that is right for you. A 36" length is the most common length for a fingertip veil.

KNEE LENGTH VEIL: Usually 45" long.

WALTZ LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: This wedding veil is usually 54" to 60". This veil is sometimes also called a Ballerina or Walking veil. The bottom of the veil should land somewhere between your calves and just above the ankles.

CHAPEL LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: This veil just touches the floor. It can range from 60" to 90". The most common length is 90".

CATHEDRAL LENGTH BRIDAL VEIL: This veil is dramatic, as it trails after the bride. This can range from 100" to 110" long. The most common lengths are 108" or 120" long.

REGAL LENGTH BRIDAL VEILS: Are the longest of all veils. They can be as long as 144"– or longer.

Veils come with various edging options. Please use the magnifier feature on our site to view the edging of our veils. A cut edge will be the most simple edge. You can also order edging to match details of your gown such as lace, pearl, crystals, satin or cording. 

We offer full consultation service with any veil purchase both in store & online. Please contact us if you would like to discuss what veils might look best with your gown choice. We are always happy to offer our advice